Highway Safety Management in New York and Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS)

TraCS has become the way the New York State Police and over 400 other police agencies in New York do business. Police officers today across New York write tickets and accident reports on a computer in the patrol car, print copies for the involved citizens, and electronically transmit the data to the courts, and involved state agencies. Officers can also complete a magnitude of law enforcement forms in the vehicle and import case data directly into their records management system.

The New York State Police has taken the lead in the TraCS program and currently, there are over 400 agencies using TraCS and transmitting data electronically. Each year, TraCS transmits over 2,000,000 traffic citations and 200,000 crash reports. Electronic transmissions of tickets and crash reports continue to grow, breaking all previous records.

The TraCS team continues to add forms and functionality to TraCS. This program has been successful due to the continual efforts and coordination of New York State Police, Governors Traffic Safety Committee, Department of Motor Vehicles, Office of Court Administration, Department of Transportation and several other governmental agencies. The implementation of new forms and the distribution of new technology have not only increased productivity and enforcement but have also made our roadways safer for all those that live and travel throughout New York State.